how to choose thesis commmitee sceice

other.D./Ph. If it hasn't been successful in the past, it may not be in the future. Dos 1) Pick PIs who have complimentary experiences to your own. Try to get a feel for what they are like, what they are interested in, and what their research and supervision styles are like before asking for his/her assistance as your thesis advisor. Picking a time for a committee meeting can be difficult enough to begin with and the busier the PIs are, the more difficult it will be for you to get all your committee members together at one time. Proponents of qualitative studies tend to favor such research approaches as case study, ethnography, ethology, ethnomethodology, grounded theory, phenomenology, symbolic interaction, and historical research. Nationally known scholars may be too busy with their own research activity to give you the time you need. When considering someone as a possible chair, you should think about these things.

You will be living with it for a long time. You must consider the following factors in choosing a chair: (a) expertise, (b) accessibility, (c) feedback, (d) success, (e) personality style, and (f) attitudes toward methodology.

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Have at least one, and better two or more, committee members of comparable rank and seniority. The thesis advisor will become the academic essays on community involvement advisor and serve as the chair of the thesis advisory committee with the following responsibilities: Finalize the student's plan of study, Evaluate his/her academic performance, Oversee the thesis proposal, Choose the thesis committee, Provide guidance on the thesis. Expertise, ideally, it is in your best interest to find a chair with expertise in your topic area. Other faculty may have active clinical practices or be away from campus frequently due to consulting commitments. Still, don't be fully depend on your advisor for your thesis research. How open is their schedule? This will help make sure your training is as successful as possible 2) Pick a committee with diverse interests. Some are blunt and even derisive. Of course, to some extent the choice may depend on the expertise of the lab youre. By contrast, if your lab is an evolution lab, it might be more important to bring in more influenza expertise. Choose a lab that is committed to you.

How to choose thesis commmitee sceice
how to choose thesis commmitee sceice

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