antonio and bassanio friendship essay

to repay. 1673 Words Oct 23rd, 2011 7 Pages. Nerissa, as the lawyer's clerk, succeeds in likewise retrieving her ring from Gratiano, who does not see through her disguise. This is just to show that he is doing all this for his friend and he would not like to see him disappointed. Cite This Source, bACK, nEXT, how we cite our"s: (ne).

Their friendship is not about money, but about loyalty and brotherhood. It is visible that Bassanio is less a friend and more a brother to Antonio. However, his requests are futile and  the Jew would not agree.

How would you describe the friendship of Antonio and Bassanio What is the relationship between Antonio and Bassanio?

He is willing to lend them the three thousand ducats but on the condition that if Antonio fails to repay, he would lose a pound of flesh from what does advocacy mean to you essay his body as Shylock wills. Shylock is at first reluctant to grant the loan, citing abuse he has suffered at Antonio's hand. He identifies himself as Balthazar, a young male "doctor of the law bearing a letter of recommendation to the Duke from the learned lawyer Bellario. It is not like Antonio is making all the sacrifices and Bassanio is using him to find his love. He is only too ready to give and hazard all he hath for Bassanios sake (2.7.9). His friends letter appears like Antonios dead body to him whose every word is calling him a liar and culprit. Bassanios helplessness near the end proves that he loves his friend dearly and cannot let him die at Shylocks hands. The debt of the friend is really big and Bassanio postpones his marriage.

antonio and bassanio friendship essay

It has been suggested by many commentators that the melancholy that. Antonio and Bassanio are the closest of friends, and it is their relationship in W illiam Shakespeare s The Merchant of Venice that provides the foundation of the. That Antonio and Bassanio are true friends gets clear right from t he initial scenes. What does their friendship reveal about their characters? Antonio and Bassanio are the perfect example of two best frien ds, if any such.