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the Islamic Republic. Culturally, politically, and most remarkable of all even religiously, the Iranian contribution to this new Islamic civilization is of immense importance. The main change occurred in the beginning of the 16th century, when Ismail I founded the Safavid dynasty and initiated a religious policy to recognize Shi'a Islam as the official religion of the Safavid Empire, and the fact that modern Iran remains an officially Shi'ite. CS1 maint: Multiple names: authors list ( link ) "Largest empire by percentage of world population". (1999) The Aqquyunlu: Clan, Confederation, Empire, University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City,.

( Achaemenid rule in the Balkans and Eastern Europe). This paper is cited in the Journal of Eurasian Studies at page. A b Donald Rayfield. Agha Muhammad Khan remained nine days in the vicinity of Tiflis. On September 22, 1980, the Iraqi army invaded Iran at Khuzestan, precipitating the Iran Iraq War. As Seljuq power in Iran weakened, other dynasties began right to education essay conclusion to step up in its place, including a resurgent Abbasid caliphate and the Khwarezmshahs. 91 Ilkhanate (12561335) edit Main article: Ilkhanate Mongol successor khanates After Genghis's death, Iran was ruled by several Mongol commanders. There they met an Islamic army similarly equipped and experienced their first defeat. 98 Ak Koyunlu edit Main article: Ak Koyunlu The Aq Qoyunlu confederation at its greatest extent. During the same period, the Dabuyid ruler Khurshid declared independence from the Umayyads, but was shortly forced to recognize Abbasid authority.

Having reached Georgia with his large army, it culminated in the Battle of Krtsanisi, which resulted in the capture, and sack of Tbilisi, as well as the effective resubjugation of Georgia into Iran. He moved south and then west, conquering but not wasting the cities in his path.