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that he was simply the subject of a feature. How then shall we evangelize a fractured society? Other candidates, like RR Reno. The greater problem seems to be the loss of a common culture that allows any kind of universal public intellectual to exist.

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According to one sites estimate, Ezra Kleins m reached.2 million unique visitors in the USA in the past month. In dating the decline of the Christian intellectual, Jacobs cites, amongst other things, the evidence offered by major media coverage of prominent public Christians. If we wish to go in the direction Jacobs is outlining and try to identify publicly recognized Christians translating the faith into terms the public square can understand while remaining orthodox, there are some examples. This would also dramatically complicate the work of interpretation or translation which Jacobs is also concerned with. They are the sorts of pieces that can get lost in the shuffle in the midst of book recommendations, classic and contemporary. In a nation of splinted sub-cultures unified by nothing save a belief in market-backed, government-subsidized expressive individualism, Im not sure that the problem can be adequately addressed by someone as close to the establishment as Keller and Moore are.

The only content we will consider removing is spam, slanderous attacks on other members, or extremely offensive content (eg. Likewise, Moore has been instrumental in making the public case for religious liberty protections and was instrumental in defeating the recent California bill that would have made life much harder on schools like Biola. But by the 1960s we dont really have a single post-war liberal democratic order to speak. Take a figure of the more mainstream media establishment who has some intellectual chopslets go with someone like the late Christopher Hitchens. Further, why does he have well-known figures from the various counter-cultures as well as popular icons of the era beating down his door to study with him at LAbri? (in, selected Shorter Writings. His best-selling book was ranked #79 on the USA Today s best-seller list for 2007. What were the total sales of his most successful book? In 1963, every single one of the top 31 shows on TV reached at least 20 of all Americans. He notes that both Lewis and Niebuhr made the cover. But it also raises a separate question: If that intellectual is dead, why is Schaeffer being covered. Self-help and expressive individualism are the modern civil religion of America and there are plenty of people trying to translate Christianity into terms more compatible with such a creed.