how teenager spend their money essay

feel there is a chance of success. It is interesting to know that families with kids want to travel around the world to experience difficult cultures. Secondly, he viewed workers as machines only working to achieve their financial (or according to Maslow, physiological) needs. There are some reasons for working that could apply to everyone such as the need for money but some reasons have more importance for certain individuals than others.e.

This in turn would result in the willingness of the employees to work harder. Working with colleagues that support you at work; * Esteem needs,.g. They take into account that people have different needs, and that some may want autonomy and responsibility at work, whereas others may not (i.e. Improving hygiene factors may remove dissatisfaction at first, but often it can just be taken for granted.

Irrespective of age and gender, each individual has their own desires to fulfill. In such cases, monetary rewards are more significant than factors in Maslow and Herzbergs theories such as responsibility. Maslow suggested that classes of needs could be placed into a hierarchy that is presented as a pyramid, with each level consisting of particular needs. The same organisations might behave according to the assumptions of Theory Y when dealing with management. Band.5 essay sample Should governments spend money for training sports people? Firstly his idea of the best way does not take into account individual differences it may not suit everyone. How people spend their money is very much their personal choice. A worker who did not work well enough would earn less and one who would exceed the target would deserve a bonus. A persons financial situation can change any time. Workers, on the other hand, left to their own devices, would do as little as possible.

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