the bluest eye research paper

follows. Racism has been a concept which has existed from the beginning of human civilization. To the blacks in The Bluest Eye,?Anger is better(than shame). These girls hate niggers because according to them,?colored people were neat and quiet; niggers were dirty and loud?(87).

Cholly himself deserts his family, not physically but he is always in a drunken state and doesnt provide the family with the barest necessities. His great aunt saves him and raises him until her death, which occurred when Cholly was only thirteen or fourteen years old. Although racism is not the main catalyst to everything bad that happens throughout the novel (it is more deep-rooted issues in society plays a key role in the development of the characters as individuals, as well as society as a whole. We now hear from Claudia again about the summer, when everyone finds out that Pecola is pregnant by her father.

Much of the narrative essay famous author narration comes from Claudia MacTeer as a nine year old child, but Morrison also gives the reader the benefit of Claudia reflecting on the story as an adult, some first person narration from Pecola s mother, and narration by Morrison herself. Time, the happenings in the book took place from Autumn 1940 - Summer 1941. In Maureen her culture they favor 'white' things. Henry sexually harasses Frieda and about how the whippings they receive are worse in the spring. They re often on it (Stepto 479). Pecola does not stand up to Maureen Peal when she made fun of her for seeing her dad naked but instead lets Freida and Claudia fight for her. She goes now to the same school as Claudia. Junior threw the cat away and it smashed against a window. The people who have gotten away from that trend have made a great improvement in their lives.

He is a very aggressive man. They were shut off by the whites because they did not belong, but shut themselves off from their own black race. There are many people who would do anything to fit in with the cool group. Frieda stands up for Pecola but then Maureen makes a comment on how the girls are black and therefor ugly which hurts Pecola even more.

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