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facilities on the trains etc. An important aspect of the community development is the Panchayati Raj which has been introduced in all the provinces. . India, it has been rightly said, lives not in its towns but in its villages. . Since then it has grown into a vast network. . Substantial increase in the production of cottage goods based on agro, marine and natural products or bio-products has generated employment in the rural sector. . The gauge conversion during 1950-92 has been 3,100. . Indian Railways, synopsis: The history of Indian Railways goes back to 1853. . Sharma rightly observes the hierarchical domination and predominance, fitters down step by step from Zilla Parishad to Panchayat Samiti and from them to the Village Panchayats Needless to state that this kind of mutual relationship is not in comensurate with the genuine spirit of democratic. The recommendations of the Ashok Mehta Committee were not honoured by the Government of Mrs. It needs mass restricting in many areas. It is time ib extended essays business management that village people recognized their new role in the new set-up and managed their affairs. .

Its functioning all these years has demonstrated numerous shortcomings.
Part IX of the Constitution envisages a threetier system of Panchayats, namely, (a) The village level; (b) The District Panchayat at the district level; (c) The Intermediate Panchayat which stands between the village and district Panchayats in the States where the population.
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Essay on Indian Railways Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.
An important aspect of the community development is the Panchayati Raj which has been introduced in all the provinces.

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The AIR shall be an Indian resident. So far Indian railways have implemented Eight Five Year Plans, apart from Annual Plans in some years. In regard to passenger traffic, cargo movement and organizational matters. . In both traditions, linear inlay was usually hammered into place along incised and chiselled lines that were undercut. Lack of cordial relation between officials and people: Introduction of the Panchayati Raj aimed at securing effective participation of the people. Only decentralization of authority involved in the decision making process of all aspects of social development, may genuinely realize the idea of a communitarian democracy that JP believed. Village boys and girls are now teeming with latest information on various topics touching science, politics and life itself. Yours in unity, Dave Williams, wyfbu Brigade Secretary. The State Government, in most states, allows the Panchayati Raj Institutions to function only upon expediency rather than any commitment to the philosophy of democratic decentralisation.