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to abolish slavery. Daniel Webster: Dartmouths Favorite Son, features Websters writings and speeches and contains an image gallery, a short exhibit, and a timeline. The mission of this project is to find and copy all of the Stanton and Anthony papers that still surviveas manuscripts and printed textsand make those primary sources available and useful for research. Contains access to over 200 primary source documents. Discovering Lewis and Clark, this site has more than 1400 pages and revolves around a nineteen-part analysis of the Lewis and Clark expedition by dissertation sur kafka historian Harry Fritz. Lewis and Clark: Classroom Resources The 17 Lewis and Clark lesson plans on this page offer a wide array of classroom activities. Aesop, affixes, afghanistan, african Americans, africa (continent african Animals.

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MTN CS RRF CM Employee 1 green hall transfer. The Revolutionaries section is about four early American innovators who got the new nation up and going. The Triumph of Nationalism: The House Dividing. Religion in 18th-Century America (Library of Congress Exhibition). Lewis and Clark: Lesson Plan In this Discovery Education lesson plan students answer the questions and compare their ideas to archaeological work.

Africa - Slave Trade, Middle Passage. They Made America, this engaging American Experience web site complements a PBS four-part television series and focuses on the lives and accomplishments of twelve American inventors through out the nations history.