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the age of sixteen she received her first gig with Ford Models agency and has been one of Americas most iconic models. From Victoria Secrets runways to Vogue magazines she has been the image of a perfect woman. In 2012 120,000 Blacks and Latinos were pulled over in New York because of their appearance. This presentation shows how society should start changing their views on what beauty. Socrates once said that wonder is the beginning of wisdom. Before all of the fame, Cameron was just a teenage girl from Boston wanting to pursue a dream in politics. If I do have the privilege of studying in Yale-NUS with people from all over the world, I would want to converse with them, forge meaningful relationships and understand how things are like through their perspective. My dream: to one day speak at TED and seek justice, defend the oppressed, take up the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow. In my opinion, I truly believe that the road to harmony, graciousness, beauty and growth can be found when we choose to wonder.

When we become too comfortable in dwelling in answers instead of questions, in knowing instead of wondering, we run the risk of believing that knowledge is finite, absolute, and cultures are neatly delineated spaces. Of that, I am not fully certain. TEDx events, find and attend local, independently organized events. I long to go on more overseas educational trips, or use Airbnb to live with locals when visiting other countries, experiencing authentically their life and culture. Surprise Me, the easy option. Also a journalist counted one of Camerons runway events and out of 620 girls there were only 27 Black models.

On m, each TED Study includes a curated video collection, as well as an intr oductory essay and summary analysis.
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These TED Talks explore the latest thinking - from teachers, parents, kids.

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