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I primarily use my system to web browse, play games occasionally, heavy spread sheet use and word processing. To turn in raid mode you do not need to reinstall the OS, there is a registry trick win 7 and then you switch to raid mode in the bios and the OS boot fine. Going to install the ethernet here in a min. Am I missing something obvious? This board has been fantastic. Thank you all for your help.

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Jul 10, 1. Good luck with your upgrade.

All my drives are running in AHCI mode and my bios are The one I’m seriously looking at is this: I don’t know if this can help but this is the code 9. Just got this board but im having problems with it.

How to enable AHCI (Onboard Intel Ports) on my IP35-Pro?

As far as I can tell, that GUI gets me nothing special. I’m glad you were able to solve your problem. Likewise with the audio and Ethernet Windows’ own drivers will sufficebut I advise installing those. The IP35 Pro limit seems to be arround A then it shuts down. BIOS 14 and below have reportedly better compatibility with 65nm processors, which is what your Q is. The SSD is a decent upgrade. The other settings are Ahcu 2.


What do I need to do? It is an AHCI driver. ASrock maybe the company I move too, they seem to have the same type of gamer friendly design’s as Abit did. Still hoping someone can answer these questions.

It ip335 to me that LinX ahvi be a good stress test tool for older board? The components are as follows: Ligushka Download http: But I guess that wasn’t Intel’s intent since they’re not exactly prescribing the method to do it themselves. This would lead me to think I want the bottom one.

Abit iP35 Pro – Switching to AHCI from IDE in Win XP x64

Am I missing something obvious? I have two of these boards, one is having some weird lockups and blue screens after a win 7 64 install, I think it was because of a USB wireless card, por is all stock right now.

It is running the Abit IPPro motherboard. Thanks for your insight. I believe BIOS newer than 14 has some issue with reading the core temperature improperly or something like that, I don’t recall exactly. Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver http: I have already updated the drivers it is just the bios I was not sure about. Everything else is on. Will this newer card work easily with the older IPPro, or is there maybe a better option in the same price range?


If you would still like to run Intel’s drivers, you can update Intel system devices through Device Manager by pointing them to an extracted installation directory of these drivers, but I don’t think there is any benefit to doing so. Do some testing and then try dropping the CPU voltage down little by little.

Abit IP35 Pro + Mod = SATA-AHCI Error! | My Digital Life Forums

I’ve installed the audio drivers from the zip file by just unzipping and installing through device manager. BIN” and everything seemed to work.

I’ve had a real interesting experience with my IP35 Pro, which I have owned since they came out. abiit

Jep, it is working.