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Joeboy ml-ubuntu-bugs-joebutton wrote on Patching seemed to cause the trouble. You need to log in to change this bug’s status. See full activity log. I have just Link to the module homepage:

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Jeremy Foshee jeremyfoshee wrote on It would be helpful if you could test the new release and verify if this is still an issue – http: Hi All, I have got error Authentication failure after make install: Kernel team bugs You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications.

Although some questions regarding your notes from my non-wireless A When I try to make a new folder I have no permission to do it. Please let us know immediately if this newer 2.

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They MUST have fsam for using their wireless. When running Intrepid, you need fsam loaded in order to get Amilo wireless airia. I can use my wireless network. I have another problem: Ralph Janke txwikinger wrote on Tuomas Jormola — it seems that both Intrepid and Jaunty already include 0.


Airis N930 Wireless access points

Our Services Two year warranty, aftersales service, marketing back-up. Have you tried the included module on either of these?

USB cable, Car holder and car charger. I cirtainly would love to drop that driver if so. Comment on this change optional.

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Wirelss System Group Infinity System Group Infinity System is the most important Spanish company which offers computers and other electronic products to both the consumer and business segments.

This problem come from dirty fan, open open your notebook clean the fan. I would think this should at least try to be merged into the upstream staging drivers. Problem is that the version 0. Ok so there are two drivers in question here.

Airis 755ii0 audio

There is fsam which was also in Hoary and Dapperbut it works only with Amilo M older notebook. Isn’t that possible for you? On laptop Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo M wireless card doesn’t work.


During wirelesss, the company has expanded its manufacturing plant to a size of square meters. Wireless on Amilo M doesn’t work: Reopening this against the actively developed “linux” kernel package and closing this again against 2. It’s a lot of extra work for the Ubuntu kernel team to maintain out of tree drivers and they typically try to avoid this.

I’m changing the status back to Triaged. I thought the patch was some kind of a self executing program, but it’s just some lines and I don’t know what to do with it. I have not done any suggested updates yet.

Sergio Zanchetta primes2h wrote on